Tips & Tricks #4: Texturing polymer clay(Baked Goods)

Hello! This weeks post will be about texturing polymer clay when making baked goods, such as cookies,cakes,cupcakes,and so on.

There are many tools you can find on hand to texture your polymer clay, with this guide i hope it can help you in your clay journey!

Notes: I am not a prorffessinal clay crafter. I am only sharing what i do as a clay crafter. This post does not mean all crafters use this style or technique.

The tools i’ll be talking about in this blog post:

  • Tooth Pick
  • Blunt Needle Tool ( Its a nail art tool thats pointy like a needle, but the tip is blunt).
  • Needle Tool or just a sewing needle
  • Craft Knife (The one that has a pointy tip, X-Acto is a popular brand)
  • Toothbrush (get a brand new one from a dollar store, use it for crafting purposes only)
  • Tin Foil Ball
  • Sand Paper


Each tool can do different types of textures, from a crumbly cookie,a fluffy cake texture and so on. No tool can only do 1 type of texture, it depends on the way you use the tool to create texture.


Starting from the left, it is texture created using a tooth pick. I like to use toothpicks to create a ‘cream’ texture’.However, there are many kinds of tooth picks, mine has a slight blunt tip. There are tooth picks that are rectangular or very sharp and pointy tips.

Next is a nail art tool, like the tooth pick its like a needle tool but its blunt at the tip. I use this when i want to create textures on my baked goods. Such as cookies, not for a crumbly texture but for  the ‘bumps’  on a cookie where chocolate chips poke out. Continuing from left to right, we have a needle tool, you can also use a sewing needle you find around the house.

This tool is best for cakes, when you cut out a slice of cake the inside of the cake is exposed, its fluffy and light. Use the needle tool to create that texture.Needle tool can also used to create lines, or the’ layers’ on a croissant.  Next to the needle tool, is a craft knife. Most craft knifes or even a box cutter will have a pointy tip or edge to it. I like to use this along with my needle to create a fluffy cake ,bread or cookie texture.


Next, we have a tooth brush, when using the tooth brush please use one that is for crafting purposes only. The toothbrush i have is one i purchased from a dollar store. I use my toothbrush to give my cookies and cupcakes texture.

Tin foil is another great and simple tool to create texture on a cupcake or cookie. Create different sized balls of tin foil for different sized projects. You can also  use the tin foil for other textures like dirt, metal and so on. There is no limit to what the tools can do  for texture.

Lastly, we have sand paper, this is great for creating bread like textures for baked goods. I like to place my polymer clay cookie on top of the sandpaper while i use my tooth brush to texture it as well. The sand paper on the bottom of the cookie will texture the back of the cookie while you texture the top without distorting or flipping the cookie around to texture both sides.

More pictures of what types of textures you can create with the tools:


Tooth Pick

Blunt Needle Tool or Nail art dotting tool.

Needle Tool Or Sewing needle

Craft KnifeTooth Brush

Sand Paper




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