Product Review: Sculpey Oven bake clay studio kit


Disclaimer: This review is solely my own opinions and it is not a sponsored review. 

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You can find the kits sold ONLINE here:| You can also find it in a Costco store in the USA. Check your local costco if they have it for sale. Note that online and store prices will vary. For example, i purchased my kit online for roughly 70$ including the cost of shipping. USD.From online sources, Costco sells this kit for 39$ USD.


Whats inside the kit:

The Review:

Lets start with the 30 blocks of 1 oz clay, this is my favorite part of the kit. 30 blocks of clay for you to test and sample each color or it can also be an easy way to quickly re-stock your clay colors if you are already a polymer clay crafter.

The 30 blocks of clay comes in Premo( a firm clay), Sculpey III (a VERY soft clay) and Souffle a firm/soft clay. Each of these types of clay are for different uses, for example Sculpey III is great for beginners or for someone who likes bright and vibrant colors such as myself. Whereas Premo is firm and great for very detailed projects such as miniature foods. Lastly, Souffle is meant for jewelry making, as polymer clay can be quite heavy if you use a lot, Souffle is there to make jewelry pieces light to be worn.

The plastic rolling pin, this is great for beginner clay artists. However the clay can easily stick to the rolling pin. This can happen to very soft to very hard clay. The one included in the kit is black, so you will not see if the clay’s color is stained onto the rolling pin. I have a white version of the rolling pin and my red or green clay has stained on the plastic over time.

Most clay crafters will suggest an acrylic rolling pin instead You can find it here. A acrylic rolling pin will not stick to the clay along with that it will not get stained by clays that are very pigmented such as red or green.

Premo Clay Mini Cutters, these cutters are as the name states, mini. They are roughly 1.9 cm or so. You can compare the size to a USD Penny.  I use them  for basic shapes when i make my polymer clay french macaroons.

The Beginner’s Guide To Polymer Clay, there are about 19 tutorials in the book that uses different techniques such as Mokume Gane .The guides are simple and useful for quick ideas or a project to help get ideas flowing. You can find some of the tutorials in the book on their website. I would not purchase the guide separately due to a lot of the techniques/turoaisl  are online for free.

Plastic texture sheet, a texture sheet is something all clay crafters should get if they can. Its a quick way to get textures without having to sculpt your own. This is something i would buy separately. My only complaint is i wish the sheet was cut up into different squares due to all the textures are on 1 sheet. You can cut the sheet though if desired.

Push Mold with flowers and leaves, At first glance, the mold  looked great, however after using it for a bit with Sculpey III their softest  clay, the clay would stain and get stuck inside the mold. When i used more firmer clays such as Premo! It did not g20151211_032323.jpget stuck. I spent a lot of time getting the stain and clay out of the mold with rubbing alcohol. In the photo you can see my clay is stuck in the mold.

Sculpey Clay Tools,the tools that are included in the kit are something i use daily now when crafting. Needle tool,plastic knife and the sculpting/ball tool. The plastic knife is great for when you want to cut something on the work mat without damaging it. Needle tool is long  and great for making indents into clay when detailing pieces, the point of the needle can be used to texture breads, cakes cookies and so on.

The Metal Blade, it is VERY sharp and thin, almost thin as a piece of paper. its perfect for clean cuts, however when i bend it to cut a rounded edge it seems a bit flimsy, but so far its sturdy and has not retained a curved shape when i bend it.

Sculpey Clay Work & Bake Mat, the mat is a bit smaller than i expected because i never bought one before in the past. The mat is described as a work and bake mat, however when you work on it do not use sharp blades  as the blade/knife can cut the mat. Which explains why the kit included a dull plastic knife. I decided to use the mat solely for working only so i do not care of my blade cuts the mat. Instead i bake on parchment paper as its disposable.  The mat is great, however very soft clay can stick to the mat along with if you leave raw clay on the mat over night or for a period of time the oils from the clay will leech into the mat. The work mat is a porous surface so if you have any liquids like baby oil or water it will leech into the mat and stain it forever. Sadly,i do not recommend the mat, parchment paper or plain white paper is my favorite choice when i want a clean work surface.

Sculpey 2 oz Gloss Glaze,  In the polymer clay crafting community often times they say the sculpey gloss glaze is very tacky and not good. However in the last 4 years in my personal experience this glaze is the only one i have had the best luck with.

When i first started polymer clay crafting, the glaze was very sticky and tacky after glazing however i learned that my under baked charms and with glaze on them made them tacky, now with my charms properly and fully cured do not make the glaze sticky/tacky over time. I do recommend the glaze, purchase it with a coupon at your local craftstore if available.


Overall the kit is great for beginners, the only thing that would make this kit even more PERFECT if it came with metal pliers and findings like eye screws/pins and so on. The kit comes in a hard plastic container easy for storage and to protect it from getting ruined.

Thats all for my review of the kit! Thank you for reading!










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