Work In Progress: Polymer Clay Oreo Charms

A while back i made an Oreo mold. I made a few charms with it but  was not happy with the result.

Yesterday i decided to revisit my mold and give it another chance and these came out perfectly. The key to making a perfect oreo with my mold was to add small bits of clay and flatten it. Rather than add 1 ball of clay and trim off the excess.

Here is what i came up with! Let me know if you’d like a tutorial on any of my charms or if you’d like to see more fun Oreo’s!

Starting from the top left, it is  a Hearthstone inspired Oreo. Hearthstone is from World of Warcraft and the on-line strategy card game Hearthstone The blue symbol in the middle glows in the dark.

Next is a Chocolate Chip Cookie Oreo. I recently perfected my own chocolate chip cookie style, i decided to use the same technique with my Oreo mold.

Bottom left is a simple pink Oreo, my favorite color.

Lastly, the bottom right is a neon green glow in the dark Oreo Cookie.

I look forward to many more fun polymer clay charms i am going to make with my Oreo mold.


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