Polymer Clay Tutorial #4: Simple Rubber Duck

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Before you start crafting:

– Wash your hands.
– Clean your craft tools with a baby wipe or a wet cloth.
– Clean your craft surface with a wet cloth or a baby wipe.
– Keep baby wipes or wet cloth on hand to clean your hands when switching to different colors of clay
– Optional, place some parchment paper or wax paper on your work surface.


  •  Metal Findings : Jump Ring, Keyring,Necklace,Lobster Claps,Eye Pin,Head Pin or Eye Screw.
  • Orange & Black Clay for the eyes and beak of the duck.
  • Any color clay for the duck. Be creative and use any color you’d like.
  • Q-Tip , Rubbing Alcohol (to clean the clay BEFORE Baking)
  • Q-Tip Nail Polish Remover (to clean the charm AFTER baking)
  • Craft Knife.

Baking Instructions:

  • Read the package instructions of your clay. If you cannot find it, google the brand online.
  • Pre-heat your oven.
  • Place foil on your baking sheet, then place a sheet of baking paper on the baking sheet. Always bake your charms on baking paper like parchment paper do avoid shiny spots on your clay. The extra layer of foil and baking paper will help protect your clay from hot spots in the oven.
  • Put a foil loose  tent over your charms. This is to help the clay bake longer and evenly and to control hot spots in the oven or toaster oven. Make sure the foil tent is not touching the clay while baking.


First roll your clay into a ball to create the body. Pinch 1 side of it creating a tear drop shape.  Then roll a smaller ball of clay to form the head of the duck. Lastly, create 2 small tear drop shaped wings, Flatten it out a bit.  After you have created all the parts, attach them together. Make sure the parts are all secured. You can use liquid clay or bake and bond to secure it onto the body.

After you have secured your pieces together, take  the blunt end of a craft knife and add 2 lines on the wings.

Now take a small ball of orange clay, roll it into a small thick snake to create a beak. Take the blunt side of a craft knife and make a line to give the beak more detail. Do not cut the clay in half. Attach the mouth to the head. Then take a dotting tool or a tooth pick and create 2 holes, one on each side for the eyes.

Create two tiny black balls for the eyes. If you do not want to put clay into the holes we created for the eyes. Feel free to paint it with black paint AFTER baking.

After you attach all the clay parts of the duck together, take a q-tip and clean your charm with rubbing alcohol. This should clean up finger prints lint and dust off the surface of the clay. If you do not have rubbing alcohol, use nail polish remover AFTER baking the clay to remove finger prints,dust or lint.

I decided to use an eye pin for my charm, feel free to use any metal finding of your choice, eye screw or head pin. If you are using an eye screw make sure you twist it in to the clay and not just push it in.

Since i am using an eye pin to help secure it into my charm. I use pliers to bend an angle at the bottom of the eye pin.Cut and measure your metal  eye pin or headpin to fit your charm

Insert your eye pin angle in first.

Now push your eye pin in, bringing it straight up like so.

Now push it down into the charm carefully.  Now twist your eye pin to the left. it should look like this when you twist it to the left. I decided to re-adjust it to face the circle side to the front. The hook on the eye pin will latch on inside of the charm, securing the eye pin without using glue or liquid clay.

Now bake your charm. Feel free to glaze your charm once its cooled. I gave this yellow duck to my brother as a gift.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Feel free to ask for tutorials!


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