Polymer Clay Tutorial #3: Polymer Clay Chocolate Chip Cookie

Polymer Clay Tutorial #3: Polymer Clay Chocolate Chip Cookie

Before you start crafting:

– Wash your hands.
– Clean your craft tools with a baby wipe or a wet cloth.
– Clean your craft surface with a wet cloth or a baby wipe.
– Keep baby wipes or we cloth on hand to clean your hands when switching to different colors of clay
– Optional, place some parchment paper or wax paper on your work surface.


– Tan,Dark Brown and Translucent Clay.
Premo & Sculpey Color Names: Ecru,Translucent, Chocolate.
– Tooth Brush.
– Small ball of tin foil.
– Craft Knife.
– Q-Tip.
– Rubbing Alcohol
– Eye pin,head pin or eye screw.
– Paint Brush
– Golden Yellow/Light Brown chalk pastel.
– Metal Findings: Jump ring, Lobster clasp, or a necklace finding.
– Round nose pliers.


First lets make the chocolate chips. Roll out a thin snake of dark brown clay. I am using Sculpey Chocolate.

Then bake it for a few minutes, refer to your package instructions. We only need it to be hard enough to work with. We are going to mix it into the raw clay to make it look like real chocolate chips.

After its baked, cut the snake into pieces. Only cut as much as you need, can save  the rest  for another time.

Now mix your tan clay with translucent clay. The translucent clay is to help it make look more realistic.Take your rubbing alcohol and q- tip and clean off any lint or dust on the clay.

After you clean it up,roll the clay into a rough cookie shape.  Then roll the cookie dough colored clay into the chocolate chips we made earlier.

After you have added the chocolate chips, form your cookie. It should look something like this.Feel free to add a few more chocolate chips if you’d like.

After you have your desired cookie shape.Take your tooth brush that you use ONLY for crafting purposes.

Gently texture the cookie everywhere, front,back and on the sides of the cookie.

Next,prepare a small ball of tin foil. Roll it all around the cookie. This is to help make the cookie look more realistic.

After you have textured your cookie,take a golden-yellow or light brown chalk pastel. Rub it on a piece of paper then dab your paint brush on the chalk. This is to shade the cookie, to give it a baked look.Try not to apply too much in one area.

It should look something like this after shaded and textured.

Now take your headpin,eyepin or eye screw and insert it into your cookie.

I am going to use an eye screw. When i use an eye screw i like to poke a hole before baking so after baking i can screw it into the piece with a bit of strong craft glue. I prefer eye screws or headpins, they are more secure.

If you do not have a head pin or eye screw and only have a eye pin. Take your eye pin and bend the bottom of the pin a bit at angle into a L shape. do not bend the entire pin, we only want to bend it a bit, into a small L shape at the bottom of the eye pin. Now insert it into the charm with the angle first then push in. After it is pushed in turn the eye pin to the left. This will secure the eye pin into the clay, hooking on to it like a fish hook. This will take some practice, i suggest testing it on a piece of scrap clay first.

Now bake your charms according to package instructions.

Line your baking sheet with wax  paper, parchment paper or baking paper.  Do not place it directly on metal or foil. Foil or metal will create shiny spots on the back of your charms.

Take  a sheet of foil and loosely place it on top of the charms. I like to fold the sides to help it stand up. This  helps bake the charm evenly and you can bake it a bit longer.

After you have baked and cooled your charms. Sort the metal findings you’d like to use for your charm.

I am turning them into keychains/book bag charms. You can turn it into a necklace if you’d like.

You will need round nose pliers to bend the headpin,eye pin and jump rings.

Insert your eye screw or create the loop on your headpin.

Your jump ring should look like this when you bend it open.

Now assemble your charm and metal findings together.

After asemblimg, you can glaze your pieces with a varnish or gloss glaze.

I am using Sculpey Gloss Glaze. Glaze one side at a time, place it on a piece of plastic wrap  so it does not stick to paper. Use a CLEAN paint brush for the glaze, keep this brush only for glazing charms. Wash the brush with water  and soap after use.

All done!


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