Polymer Clay Tutorial #1 : Faux Gemstone Pendant

Polymer Clay Tutorial #1 : Faux Gemstone Pendant

Before you start crafting:

– Wash your hands.
– Clean your craft tools with a baby wipe or a wet cloth.
– Clean your craft surface with a wet cloth or a baby wipe.
– Keep baby wipes or we cloth on hand to clean your hands when switching to different colors of clay
– Optional, place some parchment paper or wax paper on your work surface. 

  This will help keep your clay clean and lint free as possible.


– Translucent Polymer Clay & Gold or Jewelry colored Clay. (OVEN BAKE CLAY)
– Extra Fine Craft Glitter. Color: White/Crystal Diamond.
– Rubbing Alcohol & Q-Tip.
– Sculpey Bake & Bond (Optional)

– Rolling Pin
– Craft Knife/Blade or a Box Cutter.
– Clay Shapers ( Optional)


Step 1:

– Condition your clay and add small amounts of glitter till you are happy with how it looks. I also added in small diamond shape glitter to give it more shine.

Step 2: 

Shape your clay. Keep in mind, this is going to  be a necklace. Shape it into something that is comfortable to wear. I suggest it have a flat back.

Step 3:

Now that you’ve shaped your clay into the desired shape. Lets clean it up. Take your Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol and clean up your piece gently.  This will clean off the lint, dust and any finger prints on the clay.

Step 4:

Set your pendant to the side. You can cover it with plastic wrap or set it inside a zip-lock bag to keep it clean, while you work on other parts of the project.

Take the second color of clay, roll out a thin sheet with your rolling pin. I am using  Sculpey Jewelry Gold, You can use Gold or Silver clay.

Step 5:

Place the pendant you made on the sheet of clay. Take a craft knife and cut out the same shape as the pendant.This is to create the back part of the pendant.

Step 6:

Now roll a snake of clay and roll it flat. This is to create the ring/sides around the cabochon.

Step 6:

Lets put together the pieces. Take the back piece we made and attach it to the back of the pendant.

Step 7:

Cut and measure the long flat piece of clay around the faux gem pendant piece. Attach it loosely.

Step 8:

Now smooth out the clay. Smooth out all the seams on the back part of the clay.

Step 9:

This is how it should look like after smoothed out.You can use other tools to help smooth it out, be gentle to not flatten the front part of the piece.

Step 10:

Lets create the bale part of the pendant.Roll out a small snake and flatten in with the rolling pin or your finger.Cut and measure.

Step 11: 

Fold the other half of the bale in, measure and center it.

Step 12:

Smooth out the bale on the back, and secure it on the front without distorting it. Now roll out another small snake. This is to create accents on the gem/pendant. Create many as you’d like. I choose to create 1 simple spiral

Step 13:

Lets attach the accents to the piece. I used Sculpey Bake and Bond to help secure it.This is optional to use bake and bond.

Step 14:

Bake your piece. Read the baking instructions on your package of clay. DO NOT MICROWAVE. If  you cannot find it on the packaging, you can find baking instructions on-line.

Bake on a piece of parchment paper to avoid shiny spots on the back of your clay piece. I also use foil to create a little standing roof over my piece. This is to help it bake evenly and avoid being burned by my toaster oven.  I will get into this in another tutorial.

If you are concerned about burning your piece, bake it at a bit lower temperature and check it every 5 minutes.

Step 15:

After you have baked your piece let it cool for 15 minutes or longer.

Now cut out ribbon to create the necklace. You do not have to use ribbon, you can use metal findings. In this tutorial i am creating a simple piece with little materials  so everyone can create it.


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