Please Read! Very important post.

This post has taken a bit of time to be written as my Manager and I have been working on how to explain the situation the best we can.

Just a few weeks ago, someone attempted to bully me to get something they wanted from me. This tactic didn’t work out for the person because I refuse to be a victim.
I’m one of the leaders of a polymer clay amino community and the person trying to extort me used to be a member of that community. This member broke the rules of our polymer clay amino and was banned.
A few weeks ago, this banned member found my Etsy shop and ordered molds from me. When they received them, they seemed thrilled and left a glowing review on my shop page.
Screenshot_20181110-210101_Sell on Etsy - Copy

This person then asked if I was the “curator” of the poly clay amino because I seemed familiar, but they weren’t sure … but I believe they were. The banned member wanted to come back into the poly clay community, saying how she missed it and missed “the site so very much.” This person had harassed the community leaders with hateful messages before they broke amino guidelines and was banned.
When they found out they weren’t going to be allowed back into the community they showed their true colors. The glowing review on Etsy was replaced with a hateful one.

ss+(2018-11-12+at+03.16.12) - Copy

This person wanted to hurt me because I wouldn’t give them what they wanted; to be allowed back into a community that is encouraging in everyone’s creativity, with no room for hate or bullying.No one should allow a bully to take away their voice or allow them, or anyone, to force them to do something they don’t want to do. And I didn’t. I blocked this person through all avenues of contact and then contacted Etsy, who thankfully, removed the bad review. This is fair warning to anyone who believes they can bully me into doing something that goes against my values and beliefs. Just don’t. I will not be bullied and will always stand my ground.
I’m going to post the screen-shots of the conversation and how quickly it escalated, which it did not meet their liking.Please note they mention their friend also getting banned, their friends ban was also due to months of harassment towards the staff.


2019 Goals

merry christmas sale

Hello all, i know its been a couple of years now since my last actual blog post.
But, moving forward to 2019 i really want to start posting here again.

After a couple of years of posting online through phone apps like Instagram and Amino, I’ve forgotten my love for posting very long and detailed posts on wordpress (on my computer).

With that being said, i want to just make a little goal list for the new year.

– 1 Youtube video every 2 weeks. This will either be tutorials, reviews, watch me crafts,package openings from friends, mostly polymer clay relayed and some resin crafts.
– 1 Blog Post each week. I really want to focus on doing tips and tricks again for my blog, i really loved doing this when i first started.

– Work on my Ko-Fi page, and make exclusive content for Ko-Fi supporters!

I’m really excited to start the new year off with new content and get back to teaching others about the wonderful medium that is polymer clay .

Tips & Tricks #4: Texturing polymer clay(Baked Goods)

Hello! This weeks post will be about texturing polymer clay when making baked goods, such as cookies,cakes,cupcakes,and so on.

There are many tools you can find on hand to texture your polymer clay, with this guide i hope it can help you in your clay journey!

Notes: I am not a prorffessinal clay crafter. I am only sharing what i do as a clay crafter. This post does not mean all crafters use this style or technique.

The tools i’ll be talking about in this blog post:

  • Tooth Pick
  • Blunt Needle Tool ( Its a nail art tool thats pointy like a needle, but the tip is blunt).
  • Needle Tool or just a sewing needle
  • Craft Knife (The one that has a pointy tip, X-Acto is a popular brand)
  • Toothbrush (get a brand new one from a dollar store, use it for crafting purposes only)
  • Tin Foil Ball
  • Sand Paper


Each tool can do different types of textures, from a crumbly cookie,a fluffy cake texture and so on. No tool can only do 1 type of texture, it depends on the way you use the tool to create texture.

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Tips & Tricks #4: Sealing/Glazing Polymer Clay

Hello! This week i will be talking about glazing/sealing cured polymer clay. I hope this blog post can help you in your clay journey, i made the mistakes so you don’t have to in the future!


  • Please remember I am not a professional clay artist, this is just a hobby. This post is from my own experiences and opinions.
  • I will be using  terms that mean the same thing. Glaze/Seal and Cured/Baked.
  • All images are linked with their source below when i talk about each sealer.

Now lets get on with the post!

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2016 Blog Goals & Updates

Hello! So i know my blog has been very inconsistent the last  couple of month.I hope with a brand new year i can start on a regular blog schedule, to 1 post a week. Whether its a charm update or a tutorial and so on.

Main Goals:

  • Regular post schedule
  • Etsy shop. I am becoming more comfortable with selling my charms. I hope to open an etsy shop this year!
  • Youtube channel, I would like to open up a youtube channel for better tutorials, so i can give you guys better content!
  • Giveaways when i hit milestone goals such has 500 followers on my wordpress blog! 😀
  • Collabs with other wordpress bloggers!
  • and more!