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I have FINALLY created my own polymerclay community! ! It has been a dream of mine forever!  Please come checkit out




Polymer Clay Charms : Signature Cameo Pieces

Hello! Today i am going to show off a few pieces i completed. They are my new signature pieces on cameos.

The cameo’s are in the theme, Spring,Vintage and Sea Life. I have attached them to organza necklace findings, the cameo’s are made of metal.

Tips & Tricks #4: Texturing polymer clay(Baked Goods)

Hello! This weeks post will be about texturing polymer clay when making baked goods, such as cookies,cakes,cupcakes,and so on.

There are many tools you can find on hand to texture your polymer clay, with this guide i hope it can help you in your clay journey!

Notes: I am not a prorffessinal clay crafter. I am only sharing what i do as a clay crafter. This post does not mean all crafters use this style or technique.

The tools i’ll be talking about in this blog post:

  • Tooth Pick
  • Blunt Needle Tool ( Its a nail art tool thats pointy like a needle, but the tip is blunt).
  • Needle Tool or just a sewing needle
  • Craft Knife (The one that has a pointy tip, X-Acto is a popular brand)
  • Toothbrush (get a brand new one from a dollar store, use it for crafting purposes only)
  • Tin Foil Ball
  • Sand Paper


Each tool can do different types of textures, from a crumbly cookie,a fluffy cake texture and so on. No tool can only do 1 type of texture, it depends on the way you use the tool to create texture.

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Tips & Tricks #4: Sealing/Glazing Polymer Clay

Hello! This week i will be talking about glazing/sealing cured polymer clay. I hope this blog post can help you in your clay journey, i made the mistakes so you don’t have to in the future!


  • Please remember I am not a professional clay artist, this is just a hobby. This post is from my own experiences and opinions.
  • I will be using  terms that mean the same thing. Glaze/Seal and Cured/Baked.
  • All images are linked with their source below when i talk about each sealer.

Now lets get on with the post!

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2016 Blog Goals & Updates

Hello! So i know my blog has been very inconsistent the last  couple of month.I hope with a brand new year i can start on a regular blog schedule, to 1 post a week. Whether its a charm update or a tutorial and so on.

Main Goals:

  • Regular post schedule
  • Etsy shop. I am becoming more comfortable with selling my charms. I hope to open an etsy shop this year!
  • Youtube channel, I would like to open up a youtube channel for better tutorials, so i can give you guys better content!
  • Giveaways when i hit milestone goals such has 500 followers on my wordpress blog! 😀
  • Collabs with other wordpress bloggers!
  • and more!


Tips & Tricks #3 How to bake polymer clay

Hello my friends! Today’s post will be about baking polymer clay. I’ve seen this question asked many times online. Often times new poly clay crafters will either underbake their clay or overbake their clay.

First off, let me disclose that i am not a processional clay crafter. However i want to share to you my clay journey so you don’t make the same mistakes i have, or learn something new entirely. Nonetheless, sit back and relax. This is going to be a long post!

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Custom Order :Nature Necklace & Earrings

Hello all! This is a statement necklace  and matching earrings for a friend’s mother. It has a nature/outdoorsy theme to it. The piece took roughly 6-7 hours to create and put together. So many jump rings.

The necklace is my very first statement necklace that has a lot of little pieces to it. Overall i am very happy with how it came out and all the colors.

Product Review: Sculpey Oven bake clay studio kit


Disclaimer: This review is solely my own opinions and it is not a sponsored review. 

Photo: From amazon.com

You can find the kits sold ONLINE here:

Amazon.ComEbay.com| You can also find it in a Costco store in the USA. Check your local costco if they have it for sale. Note that online and store prices will vary. For example, i purchased my kit online for roughly 70$ including the cost of shipping. USD.From online sources, Costco sells this kit for 39$ USD.


Whats inside the kit:

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Air dry clay haul!

Hello all i just bought these very cute packages of clay!

I’m so excited to share my clay journey with you all. I should have a review on the clay this weekend.  In the mean time feel free to ask me questions about the clay and i hope to answer them when i work with the clay.


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